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Privacy Policy

he clients of Robert T. Keegan & Associales, Inc., and other users of this web site can rest assured that we are committed to respecting and safeguarding their privacy. This applies to our practices and actions, whether on or off the Internet. In all our dealings with you, we are committed to keeping personal information accurate, confidential, and secure.

Our privacy policy is, therefore, simple:
We collect personal information about you only when you knowingly and willingly provide it, and we will not share or otherwise profit from the distribution of personal data beyond the use it was provided to fulfill.

Please direct any comments, concerns, or questions you may have regarding this Privacy Policy to careers@rtkeegan.com or call us at 905-399-0159.

Regarding resume confidentiality:

Clients and associates understand that any submission of information by file transfer to and from Robert T. Keegan & Associates, Inc. via email or other electronic means is subject to the normal, common privacy risks associated with the use of the Internet.

A candidate’s personal information will be kept confidential.
Your name, address and place of work will not be revealed until you have been contacted and we have received approval for the release of your contact information.