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Our Approach

Because of the speed that information travels today, it is extremely difficult for organizations to maintain secrets in technology and processes. Unless a company has a totally unique product or service, competitive advantage comes from the people who contribute to its day-to-day and future activities. Firms that embrace this philosophy win the business wars; those that don’t, well… Lean headcounts mean every player on your team must be a significant contributor to ensure a healthy bottom line. Our role in these dynamics is to facilitate identifying and integrating key management personnel into your structure.

Our Process

1. Needs Analysis

A meeting to discuss in-depth your technical and cultural needs is the first step in a successful process. Once we have an agreement on the understanding of your needs, we begin the search.

2. Talent Mining

Networking with targeted employed industry leaders begins the process. Complimenting these efforts is focused direct recruiting of management personnel of organizations that we have identified as employing successful people who would bring your company to the next stage.

The best and brightest are generally too busy and focused contributing to their own organizations to be actively searching for new positions. We have the ability to package your opportunity in a way to cause them to take interest and action.

3. Assessment

At this critical stage of the process, we focus on interviewing and evaluating a cross section of impressive potentials to identify the optimum fit, probability of success, and impact. We assess capabilities, track record, style and personality. We continue to screen people until the position is filled. From this continuous “benchmarking” process, “industry best” Managers are identified and recommended for your unique opportunity.

4. Closure

Throughout your interviewing process, we communicate closely with yourself and the candidates. Gauging and qualifying their level of interest is important to inform you of how close we are to finalizing the search. Our role is to make sure the candidate of your choice has realistic expectations so that at the offer stage, an acceptance is a foregone conclusion. We do not allow offers to be made without a firm commitment from their side. We assure no last minute surprises, only handshakes and smiles all around.